Volunteering & Registration Discount

As with all volunteer junior sporting clubs, there is an element of parent responsibility in order to help the Club run smoothly. For those parents who would like a registration fee discount, we ask that you contact us at info@bjsc.org.au . See below for more details. 


This year, the Club will be offering a $60 refund on registration fees to those parents who offer to volunteer & help out the Club.

The $60 discount will be refunded to volunteer parents at the end of the season in September.

To be eligible for the volunteer discount, parents need to volunteer in:

  • Refereeing (younger games)
  • Running the line (older games)
  • Canteen duty
  • Helping out at one of our Registration Days (to be held in February)
  • Helping out at a Club fundraiser (eg: Bunnings sausage sizzle)
  • Helping out at our end-of-year wind-up day (to be held in September)
    Helping out your manager or the Club with anything they need

(Please note: it does not include bringing team oranges or helping to set up or pack away nets for your team)

For more information about how you can volunteer, send our Volunteer Coordinator an email at volunteer@bjsc.org.au.